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       The Pharmacy stamp (Sc. 1473) was issued on November 10, 1972 to honor the 100,000 professional men and women pharmacists who serve American health.  In addition to the many cachetmakers who produced Pharmacy First Day Covers (FDCs), many firms, pharmaceutical associations and individuals prepared their own Pharmacy First Day Cover designs.

    A total of 804,421 Pharmacy First Day Covers were cancelled by the Cincinnati Post Office using either hand stamp or machine cancel.  In addition, about 5,000 covers received a special PHARMEX STATION hand cancel from a postal substation established in conjunction with a pharmaceutical philately exhibit.

The Pharmacy stamp attracted one of the largest number of different cachet.   In 1982, to observe the tenth anniversary of the stamp, four pharmacists  pooled their collections of the Pharmacy stamp FDC to prepare an exhibit presented at the American Pharmaceutical Association in Las Vegas and then displayed at the 27th American First Day Cover Society convention in Arlington, VA.

    Three articles discussing the Pharmacy stamp appeared in First Days, the journal of the American First Day Cover Society.  The first  catalog article appeared in the August 15, 1983 issue; an advertising stuffer appeared in the October,1, 1985 issue, while an update appeared in the June 1, 1986 issue.  The June 1, 1986 article entitled “Sc. 1473 Update Pharmacy Cachet Catalog” received honorable mention in the 1986 Ward Award Competition from the American First Day Cover Society.

    In 1992, in conjunction with the American Society of Health System Pharmacists fiftieth year, an exhibit entitled “Pharmacy Stamp Turns Twenty” was presented at their midyear convention in Orlando, FL.

    In 2000, a three month exhibit of Pharmacy stamp First Day Covers was displayed at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum in Louisiana.

    This website displays a variety of Pharmacy stamp FDCs  that honor the pharmacy profession.

History of the Pharmacy Stamp

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